Wednesday, April 22, 2009

On Earth Day, Republican Party of Florida Recycles Old Candidate

From FDP:

This year’s Earth Day brings little for Florida conservationists to celebrate. During a contentious Legislative Session where state Republicans are cutting funding from critical services, including important environmental conservation programs, Senate Republicans think they have found the answer. Instead of taking action on preserving the Everglades or reducing our dependence on foreign oil, the Senate GOP is now recycling one of its old commodities – Bush-era politician and political hack Jack Latvala.

Jack Latvala, who last served during Jeb Bush’s first term as governor, left public office in 2002 but refused to leave politics. Latvala is regarded as a partisan attack dog in the mold of Karl Rove who makes his living playing partisan politics bankrolled by Republican special interests.

The selection of Latvala indicates a larger problem for the Republican Party of Florida – they lack new talent or fresh ideas to solve Florida’s problems. During a time when the national leaders of the Republican Party consist of Rush Limbaugh, Newt Gingrich and Grover Norquist – all relics of the 1990s, a Latvala candidacy simply indicates more of the same for Florida Republicans. Instead of finding new leaders who can bring positive change to Florida, the GOP reaches back to old politicians who represent failed policies.

On this Earth Day, Florida needs real solutions to real challenges. All Floridians want to do more to protect our environment, but unfortunately for Senate Republicans, recycling old candidates isn’t fooling anyone.

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