Monday, April 6, 2009

Look Who's Raising Taxes on the Middle Class

From the House Dems:

There they go again! Florida House Republicans are saying one thing and doing another.

Amid rising unemployment rates and deep consumer frustration, House Republican leaders are failing to provide any responsible ideas for resolving Florida’s economic crisis and are, instead, increasing taxes on working families.

This week, Florida House Republican leaders departed sharply from their no-new-taxes rhetoric by proposing nearly a billion dollars in new tax hikes, including major fees on Florida families, tourists and industry.

Among new fees House Republicans propose are a new rental car surcharge, a so-called “reflectorization fee” for license plates, fees for driver history records, higher charges for obtaining or renewing a driver licenses, vehicle registrations, and license plates.

House Republican Leader Adam Hasner is fond of saying that “challenging and uncertain economic times” require “lowering the tax burden on Floridians.” But this week’s first attempt by House Republicans to write a new state budget fails Hasner’s own test of leadership.

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