Monday, April 6, 2009

State Representative Kelly Skidmore (D-Boca Raton) is drawing national attention in her fight to implement an electronic prescription drug monitoring

From the House Dems:

Today’s Lexington (Kentucky)Herald Leader describes Representative Skidmore as a leader in the fight to close a multi-state pain-pill pipeline that is responsible for abuse, fraud and deaths.
Representative Skidmore is the sponsor of HB 583 and HB 585 that would create program for tracking the dispensing of controlled substances to help physicians and law enforcement officials prevent abuse, misuse, and illegal sale of prescription drugs.

The illegal sale of prescription drugs is a regional problem and Representative Skidmore has repeatedly said that the lack of a monitoring program makes Florida a target for obtaining controlled substances that are sold illegally.

House Bills 583 and 585 demand the public’s attention and the Legislature’s support.

“I have seen firsthand the countless cars with Kentucky license plates lined up outside Florida pain clinics waiting their turn to pick up handfuls of pill bottles as easy as picking up a Big Mac at a fast-food drive-through,” said Skidmore. “We need to work with our friends in Kentucky and elsewhere to put a stop to this problem once and for all.”

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