Friday, September 4, 2009

As We Celebrate America's Workers ...

From Heather Beaven:

Dear Friends,

On June 29, 1894, striking workers were beaten and killed for standing up for their rights as employees. Later Congress unanimously established Labor Day as a national holiday. Labor Day, they claimed, was to celebrate "the strength and esprit de corps of the trade and labor organizations." As we celebrate Labor Day, keep in mind that this has been a year of deep burden for many families.

Next week, our Congressional members will return to Washington D.C. They will each receive a compensation package in excess of $228,000 which includes exceptional health insurance, retirement and paid time off. They will each be responsible for a one million dollar budget to run their District and D.C. offices. Not one of them will have their job shipped overseas and not one of them is facing a lay-off – at least not until 2010.

Their burdens are light compared to the millions of people who hired them.

The recent study Young Workers: The Lost Decade proves my point. The report shows 44% of people earning $30,000 or less don't have health benefits, 73% don't have retirement or pension benefits and half don't have paid sick leave.

If you really want to celebrate the strength of America's workers, hire people who are prepared to work for them in Washington.

Heather Beaven

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