Wednesday, September 30, 2009

A legacy to Lawton Chiles…

One of Lawton Chiles' most enduring legacies was his ability to bring average Floridians into the political process.

During his time, he foresaw the rise of special interests and big donors and he fully understood the need to balance their interests with your interests.

As a true "man of the people", he fought to establish one of the most effective means of bringing small donors into the political arena: the state's donor matching program.

I am writing you today to ask you to take advantage of this incredible program by making a contribution before midnight on September 30.

Here's how it works… individual donors who write personal checks or contribute online can have their donations matched by a special fund. For Cabinet races, donors who give up to $250 will have their donations matched thereby doubling the impact of their gifts.

Could there be a better way to encourage people to participate?

If you want to help the state's "strongest consumer advocate" become your Agriculture Commissioner, please give now and DOUBLE the impact of your donation:

I am proud to have been a friend and supporter of Walkin' Lawton and am humbled to take part in a legacy program that he worked so hard to establish – I hope you feel the same way.


Scott Maddox

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