Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Pigs at a Trough

When I heard about Gov. Charlie Crist appointing his crony George LeMieux to the U.S. Senate seat being vacated by Mel Martinez - I was shocked.

While the Senate works towards economic recovery, health insurance reform, and is tackling climate change, Republican lobbyist George LeMieux is not the kind of Senator Florida needs. When he goes to Washington, he'll be embraced by Republican special interests - those groups who are working to prevent President Obama's reforms - just like Charlie Crist is embraced by the special interests here in Florida.

In short, with Charlie Crist and his crony George LeMieux going to the Senate, all their friends in special interests are acting just like pigs at the trough, enjoying all the benefits of friends in high places.

While Congress and President Obama work towards bringing change to America, you and I have got to work to change Florida. In 2010, there are 5 open statewide races - a once in a lifetime opportunity to change our state -- and believe me that Florida Democrats will be working towards bringing change to Tallahassee.

Make a contribution now and be a part of bringing new and different leadership to Tallahassee:

After Republican Speaker Ray Sansom's indictment and revelations about the Republican Party of Florida's AmEx slush fund, now Charlie Crist taps his friend and campaign manager to go to the U.S. Senate. These people aren't standing up for Floridians.

Instead they let corruption and cronyism run rampant here in Tallahassee - from Ray Sansom, to former lobbyist Bill McCollum, and now current lobbyist George LeMieux.

I know we can stop it. This weekend, after Crist's announcement, thousands of Floridians have already pledged to help end the Republican culture of cronyism and corruption in Tallahassee. But, the only way we can stop them is at the ballot box.

We need the resources to take advantage of this once-in-a-lifetime election to help end the Republican culture of cronyism and corruption in Tallahassee. Please make a contribution today:

Together, we'll work to put an end to the Republican culture of cronyism and corruption in Tallahassee and usher in change in 2010.


Congresswoman Karen L. Thurman
Chair, Florida Democratic Party

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