Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Beaven Believes in Hospice Mission

US Congressional candidate Heather Beaven defended hospice providers today after her opponent, Congressman John Mica, referred to the caregivers as “death counselors” during a radio interview with WDBO radio talk show host Jim Turner in Orlando.

Beaven said she is appalled Mica would malign the work of those who bring peace to patients nearing the end of their lives and comfort to their families.

"Having both volunteered with Hospice and benefited from their devotion to dignity during the death of my grandmother, I'm stunned by Congressman Mica's outright deceit at the expense of a great organization,” Beaven said.

Mica, who is seeking his 10th term, referred to Hospice and similar organizations as “death counselors” and said Medicare reimbursements to such groups would create, “a whole new cottage industry.”

Beaven said Mica is trying to frighten the very people he was elected to serve and that his comments were misleading.

Some versions of the bill being debated in Congress provide funding for medical consultations about living wills and Hospice care, but none require it. Beaven said the issue is too important to reduce the debate to scare tactics.

“If he truly believes that his country is plotting to kill its elderly citizens then I would think he would be hosting town halls from one end of the district to the other warning us,” she said. "This is nothing more than an attempt to scoop up some of the health insurance lobbying money being tossed around right now for his own gain without regard to truth, honor or integrity.”

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