Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Meet the DLCC

My name is Michael Sargeant, and I'm the executive director for the Democratic Legislative Campaign Committee. We need your help, but I'm not writing this email to ask you to make a donation or sign a petition.

I'm sending you this message because you understand the importance of having Democrats win at the local level, and I'm hoping you will take a minute to read a little bit about us and learn about our mission.

As our name would suggest, we are a campaign committee. We work to elect Democrats to the nation's state legislatures.

We do that by building winning campaign organizations with the support of local leaders and activists. We are determined to compete in every part of the country, in all 50 states.

We believe that all Democrats ought to have the resources they need to run for the legislature and win. We provide all our candidates with access to tools like polling, communications, research, and online fundraising at affordable prices.

We also follow the work of state lawmakers at our website -- We highlight Democratic accomplishments, discuss issues confronting lawmakers nationally, and offer analysis of upcoming elections.

We believe state legislatures have an even greater impact on our daily lives than Congress. On almost every important issue -- from improving the quality of education to reducing healthcare costs for everyone -- the truly groundbreaking reforms are happening at the state level, with Democratic legislators leading the charge.

Our lawmakers are standing up for a Democratic agenda in our local communities, and we hope you'll work with us to ensure that they have they support they need to make all our lives better.

To learn more about the work they do, please visit

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