Friday, September 4, 2009

Beaven chosen to attend the Ms. President Master Class

Heather Beaven, a Democratic candidate for US Congress in Florida’s District 7, is being recognized as an up-and-coming woman by The White House Project, non-partisan, not-for-profit organization that aims to advance women’s leadership. Beaven has been selected to attend a two day workshop for women seeking public office.

She is among a select group of women chosen to attend the Ms. President Master Class, which is described as a rigorous program, participants will receive a “diversity of training and community organizing experience”. According to their website,, the White House Project strives to support women and the issues that allow women to lead in their own lives and in the world.

The Ms. President Master Class is designed to give female candidates the tools they need to succeed in their campaigns for public office as well as in their leadership roles in the community.

Beaven is a wife and a mother. She is a social entrepreneur and a Navy veteran. She is the CEO of The Florida Endowment Foundation for Florida’s Graduates, a state-wide non-profit organization where she focuses all of her energies on helping young Floridians finish school and learn the valuable job skills that they need to become successful adults.

Beaven believes in an educational system that encourages leadership, entrepreneurship and financial literacy through a hands-on approach to teaching which focuses on math and science as well as languages, arts, humanities and sports. She wants to focus on entrepreneurship and job creation through home-based employment, green jobs, grey jobs, flex time, career changing, and job sharing, Finally, she is fighting veterans through revamping the Veterans Affairs program, through fully funding the Veterans Employment and Training program and for taking care of social, health and mental health problems for veterans.

Beaven’s website is

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