Friday, September 4, 2009

An open letter to Congressman Wexler regarding his support for Blue Dog Lori Edwards

Congressman Wexler,

It disturbs me greatly to hear that you have endorsed Lori Edwards, a Blue Dog DINO, for Florida CD12. I am a Progressive Democrat who looked to you for leadership in this most dysfunctional of States, and to see that you have gone against your own beliefs to support someone who has gone on record as opposing the Healthcare overhaul and the public option confounds me to no end. It calls into questions whether you really believe in the Progressive value you say that you do. I am a resident of CD12, in an area (Hillsborough County) that Ms. Edwards has said does not matter to her. She is a Blue dog who has gotten contributions from Healthcare companies and big business. I walked miles for Obama, I walked miles for our openly Gay County Commissioner whom we got elected, because I stand up for what I believe in, Progressive Values, and I stand up for what is right. Clearly, by supporting Edwards, you do not. I, my 3 kids and wife, have donated to every progressive candidate who asks for money, and am an elected committeeman. I cannot and will not support Lori Edwards, and now cannot and will not support ANY so called progressive who goes against his own beliefs because it is politically easy, now I question the thousands of hours I have put in for people like you who can so easily turn away from your beliefs because it is convenient, or a congressional buddy told you to. Shame on you Congressman. I bought your book . . . maybe the title should be Fire Breathing (when it is convenient) not-so-liberal. If she does get elected, she will make it harder for Progressives on the I4 corridor, in the same vain as Senator Nelson has made things harder. I do not want to hear anything from you about how the Blue Dogs are standing in the way . . . you helped put them there.

Disappointed Democratic Leader,

Don Moffett

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