Thursday, September 24, 2009

In Important Vote For Florida, Charlie Crist's Right-Hand Man Votes Against Florida's Interests

From the DSCC:

Charlie Crist seems to have forgotten that there was a presidential election last year and that his buddy George W. Bush is no longer President. Yesterday, Charlie Crist’s right-hand man and proxy vote in the Senate, George LeMieux, voted to keep in place the antiquated off-shore drilling policies put into place by George W. Bush, instead of allowing President Barack Obama to pursue his own off-shore drilling policy. Bush’s off-shore drilling policy did nothing to ensure the long term sustainability of Florida’s coastline and tourism industry and did nothing to lower the price of gasoline and energy costs for working Floridian families. With so much at stake for Florida, do Floridians really want to send Crist to Washington to fight for the failed policies of the past which led Florida into an economic mess in the first place?

“Florida voters have a right to know if Charlie Crist agrees with his right hand man who just put special interests ahead of Floridians,” said Democratic Senatorial Campaign Communications Director Eric Schultz. “Judging from the vote yesterday, it’s clear that Crist-LeMieux policies favor special interests over doing what is right for Florida. In the upcoming Senate election, Florida voters will be looking for someone who uses independent thinking to do what is right for all Floridians, not someone who takes marching orders from special interests or looks to the failed policies of the past for solutions.”

LeMieux Voted to Allow Drilling off Florida Coast. Yesterday, LeMieux voted for an amendment that would have allowed for drilling off the coast of the United States including Florida. The amendment would have kept in place the Bush administration policy on offshore drilling and would have prevented the Obama administration from forming their own policy. [Vote 293, 9/23/09; AP, 9/23/09]

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